Structure of the product

The basis of the irradiation module is a steel sheet with Zehnder's special clip profile. 4 galvanized precision steel pipes and thermal insulation are mounted on it. The panel is stabilized with chamfers and corner benches.

Zehnder heating panels are delivered with a smooth surface. The surface is galvanized and additionally coated with a high-quality polyester-based paint.

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Connection technique

If two or more single panels are used, different joining methods can be used. During this process, the pipes can be connected to each other in two ways. The individual panels are connected to each other for the desired application by means of screw and press connections, and if desired, the joints can be closed with a cover. Thus, the harmony of the image remains intact.

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Zehnder heating ceiling panels are produced in 320 mm width.

Panels are produced up to 6 m long. Multiple single panels can be connected one after the other by press fitting or screw connection, thus obtaining a ceiling radiant panel group.

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