What are the Advantages of Ceiling Heating Panels?

What are the Advantages of Ceiling Heating Panels?

Heating and cooling effect of radiant ceiling panels

Zehnder radiant ceiling panels work on the same heating principle as the sun: On a cold winter day, although the surrounding air is cold, direct sunlight makes us feel warm.
The heating effect of the sun occurs with electromagnetic waves. This energy turns into heat when it comes into contact with the human body. Zehnder panels in the ceiling heating system work on the same principle.
The cooling effect of radiant ceiling panels is based on the same principle: in this case, people and objects in an interior give their heat radiation to the cold radiant ceiling panel.

Usage areas:
Heating and cooling ceiling systems can be used for different interiors and buildings. Zehnder systems with radiant ceiling panels have been used for decades to heat interior spaces higher than 30 meters.
It can be used in all industries. Zehnder radiant ceiling panels have made a name for themselves in heating and cooling especially in the following usage areas and have been indispensable in innovative construction projects for a long time.

Production and warehouse areas:
An energy-efficient heating system is required in the production and workshop areas. Radiant ceiling panels are the right heating system for these areas. It is always important to provide comfortable air for workers in production areas and at the same time be adaptable to the requirements in terms of production. Thanks to the arrangement of the panels on the ceiling, future changes in the use of space can be made without any problems. Radiant ceiling panels are also ideal in high-bay warehouses. It is mounted on the ceiling in the landing areas and heats the entire area evenly.

Comfort is one of the most important conditions that must be met in a gym, as well as heating the entire hall equally. The radiant ceiling panel is ideal for this. In addition, the panel is very energy efficient and brings the room to the desired temperature in the shortest time, as the storage mass is small.

Fairs and galleries:
To achieve a comfortable environment, an energy-efficient system such as radiant ceiling panels is used in sales and presentation spaces. However, these are not the only advantages of the panel. Unlike conventional air heaters, which cause a high degree of dust circulation due to indoor air circulation, the radiant ceiling panel works cleanly with the radiation principle without causing dust circulation. In this way, interior spaces and products need to be cleaned less frequently.

The performance of the employees is one of the most important points in the offices. It is very important for people to feel good indoors in order to keep performance as high as possible. This comfort is only achieved by air-conditioning the interior with a cooling and heating ceiling panels. Radiant ceiling panels not only work silently, but also greatly reduce the noise, for example, from phone calls.

Wherever you sit, the cooling and heating roof heats the interior completely evenly. A comfortable indoor environment is important for students and teachers to concentrate better. Radiant ceiling panels are also ideal in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. Since the storage mass is small, the indoor temperature can be adjusted precisely even when the internal loads change, thus saving energy. Another advantage of the ceiling is that it is maintenance-free and protected against damage thanks to its mounting position.

Two points should be noted in hospitals. The first is the comfort of the patients, and the other is the hygiene in the rooms. These two conditions can be met with cooling and heating ceiling panels. Patients perceive the cooling and heating provided by this type of system as very comfortable, thanks to the high percentage of radiation and less air movement in the interior. There are no disturbing drafts and negative noises as in lean air systems. Thanks to the radiant principle of the cooling and heating ceiling, the air movement in the interior and thus the spread of dust, viruses and bacteria are kept to a minimum.

Energy efficiency is especially important when choosing a heating and cooling system. Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems can save more than 40% energy compared to other systems. And this is achieved by maintaining a nice indoor climate.

  • Saving energy while heating at the same level
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the ceiling height
  • Very high heating power according to EN 14037
  • Short warm-up and cool-down times
  • Selection of energy source; but also, alternative energies, heat pumps, condensing equipment technology and process output heat
  • No additional electricity costs as there is no need for propulsion energy

  • Comfort
    We spend about three-quarters of our lives inside buildings: at home, at work, in leisure time. Indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is the factor that has the greatest impact on our overall well-being.
    Comfort primarily depends on the type of heat transfer. Evenly arranged panels on the ceiling provide a flawless, natural comfortable atmosphere.
  • Natural heat transfer by radiation
  • Homogeneous heat distribution throughout the interior
  • The heating and cooling effect is immediately felt
  • Quiet operation
  • No dust circulation – an advantage for allergy sufferers
  • Less cleaning costs in your building

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