Solarbox Solar Heating PanelsReview

SolarBox units are mounted on the wall and on the roof and are architecturally fully integrated into the building and heat your businesses by using the method of absorbing the outside air.

The SolarBox system, which is specially designed and does not require maintenance, is designed with high gain for each project. SolarBox systems, produced using Enge Energy's solar technology, are applied to buildings with different designs according to each project.

ZTIP Ceiling Heating Panels Review

Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels offer different design possibilities with the help of their modular construction and with this feature, they become ideal for all kinds of industrial and social applications. First of all, low panel weight is among the leading selection criteria due to the low loads it exerts on the roof, as well as providing easy installation. All parts are resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal product for use in humid environments.

ZIP Montage

Solar Water Heating Review

Solar water heating is done with devices called solar collectors. Solar collectors collect solar energy and then transfer this energy as heat. Thanks to this heat, it is used during heating with solar energy or obtaining hot water. The solar collector, which has a long life with its non-wearing structure, has a simple operating system.
The location of the solar collector takes into account how the region receives the sun. The solar collectors placed on the panels that will be placed to receive the sun for the longest period of time can thus operate during long sunny hours.

Solar Drying Systems Review

A solar food dehydrator is used to dry foods such as fruits and vegetables so that they can be stored for a long time. Working with solar energy makes these food dehydrators efficient and inexpensive.
Since you use solar energy in a natural way with SolarBox product drying systems, you prevent your products from being exposed to undesirable effects such as burning and scorching.

Solarbox Drying System

Heat Pump Review

If you are exploring options for heating and cooling your home or reducing your energy bills, you may want to consider a heat pump system. Heat pumps are a proven and reliable technology in our country that can provide year-round comfort control for your home by providing heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, and in some cases, heating hot water for your home.
For most people, heat pump is a new term. However, devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners and deep freezers, which are the products of the same logic as the working principle of the heat pump, are used in our homes. Since the working logic of these devices is based on the principle of transporting heat, these devices can be grouped under the heading of heat pump. It is an inevitable result that the heat pump will become widespread in our country in the near future.